Bailey Throws 15th No-No In Reds History

Boy was I wrong about Homer Bailey.

I didn’t think he was horrible, but I never thought he’d put it together. I thought he was hard-headed and immature.

And maybe he was at one point. But he’s turned himself into a mature, humble young man. And more-importantly for the Cincinnati Reds, he’s developed into one hell of a pitcher.

Bailey threw the 15th no-hitter in Reds history in a 1-0 victory over the host Pittsburgh Pirates on Friday. It was the first no-no for the franchise since Tom Browning’s perfect game in 1988.

For the season, Bailey is now 13-10 with a 3.75 ERA. He began to show signs of life last year when he was 9-7 with a 4.43 ERA. However, even last season he only managed 22 starts and 132 innings, adding to his reputation of being undurable.

Like the other members of the Reds’ rotation, he hasn’t missed a start this season. In 32 starts (with one remaining for him this regular season), he’s racked up 204 innings, by far the most of his Major League career. (Last year was the second-most innings he’s thrown.)

This is proof that teams should never give up on young pitchers with quality arms. Bailey was the Reds’ first-round draft pick in 2004 (7th overall) and eight years later he’s paying huge dividends. Kudos to him and to the Reds for sticking with him.

And shame on me.