Maualuga Out For Colts Game

Not what the Cincinnati Bengals wanted to hear in the midst of Rey Maualuga’s breakout season. The third-year middle linebacker will miss Sunday’s game against the visiting Indianapolis Colts with what the team is calling a sprained ankle. Course, with how tight-lipped the Bengals are when it comes to injuries, who knows exactly the severity […]

Bengals Quoting Jim Mora? Playoffs?

Uh oh, you’re being sucked in. That’s all right, so am I. We know deep-down the Bengals are going to blow it at some point, but right now it’s damn fun being 3-2 after a lot of people predicted the Bengals would finish 3-13. The latest win for “The Dalton Gang” came Sunday in Jacksonville […]

Williams Likely To Start At RG

Bobbie Williams has returned from suspension which will give the Bengals’ offensive line a lift heading into Sunday’s game at the Jacksonville Jaguars. Williams, 35, is the elder statesmen of the team as a 12-year veteran. He was forced to sit out the first four games of this season after testing positive for a banned […]

2-2 Never Looked So Good

Hey, look who’s in second place, just one game out of first, one-fourth of the way through the NFL’s regular season. Alright, that makes things sound much better than they actually are, but the bottom line is the Cincinnati Bengals and all their fans are very content with being 2-2 with such a young team […]

Won’t The Real Bengals Please Stand Up

And the real Cincinnati Bengals stood up and exposed themselves to the world last Sunday. Everything was in place for a win, but the Bengals found a way to lose 13-8 to the San Francisco 49ers. Let’s see, some of the major advantages Cincinnati had in this contest: * A West Coast team coming to […]

Collins Cleared; Simpson Screwed?

Anthony Collins appears in the clear, but we might have seen the last of Jerome Simpson in stripes. Well, Bengal stripes, that is. We might very well see him in prison gear. posted an update on the “Simpson likes him some gonja” story and the most-interesting part of it is the silence coming from […]

Uh Oh; Simpson, Collins Linked To Marijuana Operation

To say “this doesn’t look good” would be the understatement of the century. On Tuesday, 2.5 pounds of high-grade marijuana (the kids call it kind bud) was delivered to the home of Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson and offensive lineman Anthony Collins. This story was broken by The Bengals had made no statement on […]

When A Loss Is A Win

Did you think the Bengals were going to make the playoffs this season? Of course not. Therefore, don’t be pissed about the 24-22 loss at the Denver Broncos on Sunday. Sure the Broncos aren’t a good team, but the Bengals aren’t going anywhere this year. It’s all about planning for the future and it’s suddenly […]

Holy Low Expectations! Bengals Top Browns

“If you don’t expect too much from me, you might not be let down.” That line from the 90’s pop band Gin Blossoms best describes the 2011 Cincinnati Bengals from my vantage point. Expectations couldn’t have been much lower entering Sunday’s season-opener against the Cleveland Browns. (Well, I suppose they could have been lower – […]

Bengals Land Former Pats WR Tate

The Bengals made what I believe is a solid pickup off the waiver wire on Sunday, landing former Patriots wide receiver Brandon Tate. Tate was New England’s No. 3 WR last season and is also a talented kickoff returner, although that role has been greatly diminished due to the NFL moving the spot of kickoffs […]

Bengals On 5-Year Plan?

It sure seems as though the Cincinnati Bengals are on a “five-year plan” beginning this season … and for once that doesn’t sound like a bad idea from the front office. The Bengals re-signed three key veteran players through the 2015 season this week, including center Kyle Cook, cornerback Leon Hall and left tackle Andrew […]

Bengals Rapid Fire: Off Life Support For Now?

Hey, it was just against Carolina Panthers – who will likely be even worse than Cincinnati this season – but the Bengals finally showed signs of life in their 24-13 preseason victory Thursday night. There is still no question in my mind the Bengals are headed for a dreadful season, but there are a few […]

Mays Signing Could Lead To Super Bowl For Bengals

[I hope you’re in a sarcastic mood cause I sure as hell am.] Forget about the embarrassing preseason loss to one of the worst teams in the NFL, the Detroit Lions. Forget about another blowout loss on Sunday against the New York Jets. Forget about Mike Brown taking his extreme cheapness to even new levels […]

Bengals Embarrass Themselves In Preseason Opener

Hey, at least the Cincinnati Bengals got blown out by one of the NFL’s juggernauts in the 2011 preseason opener. Oh, it was the Detroit Lions, who have jostled for position with the Bengals and Cleveland Browns for the proverbial “worst franchise in the NFL” award over the last two decades? Never mind. It’s only […]

No Salary Floor = Extra Cheapness For Bengals

Remember that moment of euphoria when it was announced that there would be a “salary floor” in the NFL, which meant Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown would be prevented from being the cheap piece of shit that he prides himself on being? Yeah, too bad they didn’t inform us immediately that said provision in the […]