Roster shuffle continues

The Bengals’ roster has been in a constant state of flux recently. Starting free safety Chris Crocker is out at least this week and probably longer with an ankle injury, meaning rookie free agent defensive back Rico Murray will stay on the active roster for now. That makes a whopping four undrafted free agent rookies […]

Bengals Rapid Fire: 11/30

This is a feature I started two weeks ago where I bring up a player or a topic and give you my quick take on the matter. Brandon Johnson vs. Keith Rivers – I know a lot of Bengals fans are anxious for Rivers to get healthy and return to the starting lineup at weak-side […]

Poor coaching cost the Bengals in Oakland

How can you blow a 14-0 lead against a terrible Oakland Raiders team? Well, Marvin Lewis and the Bengals just showed us the blueprint. What an awfully-coached game for the Bengals from start-to-finish. There were so many poor decisions that I almost lost count. But the two that hurt the most were offensive play-calling and […]

War of 18-12

Wow, where to begin. The Bengals’ 18-12 win over the Steelers on Sunday put another stamp on what has been the biggest turnaround in the NFL this season. After a 4-11-1 season a year ago, the Bengals are now standing tall at 7-2 — and astonishingly they are 5-0 in AFC North games, including sweeps […]

Bengals Rapid Fire

I’m unveiling a new feature on Three-Way Chili called “Bengals Rapid Fire.” Something with that title isn’t going to have a long introduction, so here we go. Kyle Cook: Most pleasant surprise on the team through eight games. And that’s saying something considering this has been one of the most-enjoyable Bengal seasons ever thus far. […]

Benson: Midseason MVP

A friend and I were having a conversation the other day regarding who is the Bengals’ MVP at the midway point of the season. He said defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer – and that’s hard to argue with considering he’s been a godsend for a defense that has struggled for several years. The Bengals had the […]

Caldwell: Good WR, Bad KR

Andre Caldwell was a very nice find for the Bengals in the third round of the 2008 draft. He’s been so solid as a wide receiver that he’s almost made us forget about the gaff the team made in drafting Jerome Simpson in the second round of the same draft when DeSean Jackson was available. […]

Bengals erred with Pressley

Well, after what transpired today, it’s clear that the Cincinnati Bengals erred in their handing of the Chris Pressley situation. It might not come back to bite them – especially if the rejuvenated Jeremi Johnson stays healthy (and avoids coming down with a severe case of “fatosis” as running backs coach Jim Anderson likes to […]

Q&A with Midway Illustrated

In preparation for Sunday’s game between the 3-2 Chicago Bears and 4-2 Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium, we traded a Q&A session with Brett Solesky, publisher of Midway Illustrated here on the Bloguin network. We’ll start out with the seven questions I asked Brett about the Bears. Posted below that are my answers to […]

4-2 But Still Concerned

I know, I know, any Bengals fan should be happy to be 4-2 right now. If you told any of us that the team would be at this point after six games, we would have been dancing in the streets and we might have even forgot about our hatred for Mike Brown for a moment […]

Welcome to Three-Way Chili!

This blog will be devoted to discussion about the Cincinnati Bengals and Cincinnati Reds (with some stuff from the sports world in general mixed in). I’m very excited to be a part of Bloguin and I hope you will enjoy following this blog. Weak links on the Bengals? The Bengals are flying high at 3-1 […]