Must-Read Piece From Yahoo On Dalton, Palmer, Bengals

There are great stories … and then there are must-read pieces like this one from Yahoo on the new-look Bengals led by Andy Dalton and how Carson Palmer quit on the team during the season last year.

Yes, you read that correctly: Palmer didn’t decide after the 2010 season that he was done in Cincinnati; he made his intentions known while there were still games left to be played.

The story also outlines exactly what people inside the organization felt about Palmer, Chad Ochocinco and others, with a team executive quoted as saying: “We got rid of all our shit.”

Oh, and if you weren’t already sky high on Dalton, you certainly will be after reading this piece.

In a related story, I still can’t freakin’ believe the Raiders were dense enough to trade a first and a second-round pick for Palmer. Their 28-0 loss at home to the Chiefs should have been on Comedy Central it was so hilarious. There was Palmer proving he could still throw the pick-6 with the best of ’em. It’s going to be fun rooting against the Raiders to see just how good of a first-round pick the Bengals will get from them in the 2012 draft. (The Raiders have absolutely no chance at making the AFC title game, so there’s no reason to even bring up the possibility of the Palmer trade resulting in a pair of first-rounders for Cincinnati.) Even next year, I’ll be rooting against the Raiders so the 2013 second-rounder is as good of a pick as possible.