Bengals called ‘Worst team in pro sports’

Every Bengal fan has made fun of Mike Brown and called him the worst owner in all of professional sports. Actually, usually I use the caveat “or Donald Sterling of the LA Clippers” but Brown is without question the worst owner in the NFL.

Well, ESPN Magazine took it one step further. Ranking all 122 professional sports franchies in order — from the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL — the Bengals finished dead last. Yep, 122nd.  Even worse than pathetic franchises like the Clippers, Phoenix Coyotes, Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Pirates. Kind of surprising considering the Bengals won the AFC North divison championship just two years ago. There is no arguing against the fact that the Bengals should have been extremely low on the list. But dead last? Wow. Thanks again, Mike Brown. We appreciate your service to our community. You’ve made everyone so proud.

Interestingly, the Reds ranked an impressive 15th on the list. Winning the 2010 NL Central division title and having the league MVP in Joey Votto certainly helped the mood in Reds Country. But the team has always had a devoted fan base. However, the same can be said for the Bengals. What can’t be said about the Bengals is a rich history that includes a magical era like the Big Red Machine days. The Reds have won five World Series championships, most-recently in 1990. The Bengals have been to a pair of Super Bowls though — during the 1981 and ’88 seasons.

According to ESPN: “Teams were rated in numerous categories such as players, fan relations and affordability.”