T.O. rips Palmer, Bratkowski

As the losses pile up – and his production begins to decline – Terrell Owens is letting his true colors shine through.

Following the Bengals’ 23-7 loss at the Steelers on Sunday – in which Owens had just one reception for 22 yards – he lashed out and said, “I can’t throw the ball to myself.” He also said quarterback Carson Palmer likes to kill puppies and that’s he’s secretly a member of the Taliban. (OK, so he didn’t say that last part, but he might as well have. And with Palmer’s beard, he could almost pass as a Taliban guy. Nah, there are no Muslim extremists who throw quite that many pick-6’s.)

Just a few weeks ago, Owens was saying how much he enjoyed playing with Palmer and that he hoped to be back in Cincinnati for another season. However, things began to fly south for the winter when Owens called out Palmer last week following the loss to the Saints, claiming there were times he was open but didn’t get the ball enough.

And now this week, Owens was right back at it. That’s the T.O. we’ve been waiting for!

However, Owens also gave an interesting and accurate take on Bengals’ offensive coordinator Bob “Throw A 4-Yard Pass On Third-and-5” Bratkowski.

The Bengals began the Steelers game playing well and led 7-0 past the midway point of the second quarter. However, they fell apart from there, and following the game Owens brought up something about Bratkowski that fans have been screaming about for years: Brat is terrible at making in-game adjustments.

“We had no adjustments,” Owens said, according to ProFootballTalk.com

Not one?

OK, maybe he was exaggerating a bit, but probably not all that much. Brat is all about coming up with a plan and then sticking with it even when the opposing defense adjusts to what he’s doing.

So, while ridiculous play-calling will always be what Bratkowski is remembered for the most (I’ve honestly never seen a team that consistently throws short of the markers on third down – part of that is on Palmer, but Brat is the one calling the plays) his lack of in-game adjustments is another reason he is one of the worst OC’s in the biz.

The good news is that this is the final year Bengal fans will have to worry about having Brat around. He will be out the door along with head coach Marvin Lewis. Defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer will still be under contract in 2011, so owner Mike Brown could insist that the new coach (someone offensive-minded) keep Zimmer as his defensive coordinator. Or there is the outside chance Brown will promote Zimmer to head coach.

And actually I shouldn’t say “outside chance.” Since that would be the cheapest option, you know Brown is strongly considering it.

As for the Bengals perhaps picking No. 2 in April’s NFL Draft, more on that in this space soon.